In TradeWinds: Making Fair Play Pay💰

About time that the industry’s leading newspaper #TradeWinds starts looking into the gender equality issues – I hope it continues!

Super happy to share my thoughts on this important topic. What they didn’t include is that I also told the journalist that a global tool for the industry to explore, track and measure segments/companies’ current state and eventual performance improvements, would be a superb opportunity for an organization like DNV GL or other global big-data collectors to grasp.

I fully recognize that it might be complex and difficult for smaller shipping companies to work on their data in a meaningful way, but that’s also why I aim to identify and share a vast span of gender equality tools with our industry; no matter the size and type of company I’m willing to bet that there are creative and smart ideas used by other companies that could do the trick for yours!

PS; A few fact errors in the article (e.g. Nor-Shipping is a partner on WISTA Int Conference, not in my project. And the speculations on new role not completely correct😉)

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