The Pink Swedish Firetruck #EcoVacay

Tomorrow I’m going on a mini adventure expedition with my little monkeys. And you don’t always need to go far. Our criteria for the trip was originally as follows;

  • No CO2 emissions
  • Preferably night train

We checked out the Nordic hydrogen network, but going too far stuck in a car seat isnt really ideal for a 1-night trip.

We also looked at Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Trondheim and Stockholm – as we already went to Bergen by train last year to spend a weekend in a houseboat there.

But as it turned out, no direct night trains exist, except for going to Trondheim.. So we discussed once more, and set more narrow criteria;

  • Accessible by direct train or hydrogen car
  • Max 4 hours by train or 2 by car

I ended up choosing a radius of 1h and based on which cool places were available on AirBnb. And then came across this super cool pad which is a pink fire truck in Hvitsten. Close to Drøbak and Son, with super idyllic backroads between those small towns..

Check it out, and search for “Den rosa, svenske brannbilen” if you wanna try it 🙂

Let the Traveling Monkeys’ spring adventure begin! And watch out for our summer destinations – we’re considering a tree hut in Telemark, and some other pretty cool places..

The Pink Swedish Firetruck

The Little Red Cabin in the Forest

Photo credit: Firetruck & Red Cabin owner

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