Ocean Heroes #WorldOceanDay

5 Oslo heroes of Ocean Conservation

1. Christine Spiten

– Co-founder of Blueye Robotics

Christine Spiten is co-founder of Blueye Robotics, a smartphone-controlled drone that can explore up to 150 meters below the ocean surface. The prototype is already making waves internationally, being used for mapping and cleanups in Norway, the US and Australia. Christine Spiten was earlier this year recognized by Forbes “30 under 30” most important Tech Founders in 2018.

2. Simen Andreas Henrik Knudsen

– Founder of Nordic Ocean Watch & Business Architect in Æra

Surfer and environmentalist Simen Knudsen is a Business Architect in Æra where he manages the sustainable innovation program Floke. He is also the founder of the Nordic Ocean Watch, an environmental collective for taking care of the ocean, #tavaha. Being an environmentalist is not only his job, with passion and commitment he spends a lot of his free time cleaning beaches from plastic thinking about both big and small solutions for more sustainable societies.

3. Johan Brand

– Kahoot!-founder and Captain at EntrepreneurShipOne

Kahoot!-founder Johan Brand is also the founder and captain of EntrepreneurShip.One, a zero emission pay it forward platform for the Nordic startup community. He initiated E/One as a project to enable bright minds to meet, learn and innovate at sea – working for the elements with the elements.

4. Agnes Árnadóttir

– Co-founder of BRIM explorer

Agnes grew up in Northern Iceland where she worked as a whale watching guide in the family company North Sailing before moving to Oslo. Passionate about green tourism she co-founded BRIM explorer, offering an eco-friendly alternative to adventure the Arctic.

5. Maren Hjorth Bauer

– CEO and Co-founder of Katapult Ocean (https://katapultocean.com/)

Maren Hjorth Bauer believes in the endless opportunities in the Ocean. Combining her passion for entrepreneurship and making an impact Maren Hjorth Bauer, CEO of Katapult Ocean, is working to find, invest in and scale startups with a positive impact on our oceans. Through the Katapult Ocean Accelerator she is building a global ecosystem of startups, all collaborating to find the best solutions to Ocean Conservation.

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