FutureTalks Svalbard: The Key Questions of Our Time

I will update some reflections after our Svalbard expedition, and also link this to what I saw in the Seychelles end of April. Two very different locations but both directly impacted by global warming and pollution. Both places acting as silent witnesses to what we are about to do to our planet, impacting life in and above sea level.

But until I have the time – take a look at these photos and realize what’s happening to our blue planet… 🌎 Should provide a sense of burning platform regardless of political point of view, society level and age. We can change this, if we commit to changing our behavior.

Entering this beautiful fjord, we realized that we were actually 3-4 km inside an area that used to be a glacier.. This was a huge impressive glacier only some years ago, and melts away so much quicker than I could ever imagine. Now it’s open sea..

The Arctic wonders collapse into the sea, every day, every year. Just as we were standing on deck of the ship, we witnessed several blocks of ice breaking free and falling with a big splash into the sea.

Invasive species arrive, while existing ones disappear forever. This is the picture of global warming – an eye opening experience. We need to act now!

Below photo cred: Pablo Salazar Rojo

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