Kick-off: Ocean Entrepreneurs´Capital

My message to the audience gathered at the informal kick-off for our initiative to mobilize and grow the global leading capital for sustainability & tech-oriented entrepreneurs. Oslo is the Nordics´ fastest growing entrepreneur hub, and Top 3 leading maritime capital, gateway to the most complete ocean industry cluster worldwide. There is a huge untapped potentialContinue reading “Kick-off: Ocean Entrepreneurs´Capital”

Closing Keynote: Orkangerkonferansen 2018

Sist uke deltok jeg på Orkanger Oljeforums årlige konferanse, og delte mine tanker om bærekraft i maritim næring, og hva jeg ser på som de største mulighetene. Jeg testet en mer personlig approach denne gangen, med refleksjoner og erfaringer rundt hvordan både samfunn og enkeltindivider er i endring. Her har du mitt tankegods som bådeContinue reading “Closing Keynote: Orkangerkonferansen 2018”

My Father’s Ashes – A Journey

This day six years ago was the day of my father’s funeral. He was an untraditional and playful man, with a Peter Pan mentality and child’s approach to life until the very end. I think one of the best things he taught me was to constantly challenge and walk outside the beaten path, be curiousContinue reading “My Father’s Ashes – A Journey”

Skrivekløe & Stand-in

Spisser pennen og skriver gjesteinnlegg til neste nr av Kapital, samt canadiske La Tribune – morro i sola! ☀️ De skal handle om hhv havgrundere og fremtidens smarte grønne havnebyer; bare å gi en lyd om du har spennende prosjekter og ting på gang som er verdt å få med 🌱💡💦 Vil også oppfordre alleContinue reading “Skrivekløe & Stand-in”

The Pink Swedish Firetruck #EcoVacay

Tomorrow I’m going on a mini adventure expedition with my little monkeys. And you don’t always need to go far. Our criteria for the trip was originally as follows; No CO2 emissions Preferably night train We checked out the Nordic hydrogen network, but going too far stuck in a car seat isnt really ideal forContinue reading “The Pink Swedish Firetruck #EcoVacay”

Grateful & Excited: Thank you!!

So finally we were able to reveal my new role and project this week, and I just have to thank everyone for such an amazing flood of warm and engaged feedback! The idea of mobilizing all good forces to co-create the world’s best ecosystem for ocean entrepreneurs – with a special focus on impact/sustainability –Continue reading “Grateful & Excited: Thank you!!”

Oslo & Norge: Verdens Beste Destinasjon for Havromsgründere

Tanker om havrom, bærekraft og entreprenørskap – og Norges fremtid Næringsministeren la denne uka frem tall som viser at havnæringene bidrar med 500 milliarder fra havet, om lag en fjerdedel av norsk verdiskapning fra næringslivet. Regjeringen konkurrerer nå med opposisjonen om å være mest havnæringsvennlig. Store deler av dagens verdiskapning kommer fra petroleumssektoren. En bransjeContinue reading “Oslo & Norge: Verdens Beste Destinasjon for Havromsgründere”

Opp igjen – Med Passion For Ocean

Etter at jeg brente ut kruttet i fjor har jeg ikke stått på en scene. Jeg har blitt kvalm, stressa og fått pustevansker bare av tanken. Å snakke foran folk har stått for meg som et mareritt, fordi jeg hadde mistet selvtilliten helt og hadde kjørt meg helt tom. I min nye rolle skal jegContinue reading “Opp igjen – Med Passion For Ocean”

Water Lovers! Ocean Friendly Sunscreen❤️

Love the beach but don’t want to screw up the ocean ecosystem? Check this out! No more messing up coral reefs & seabed with chemicals from your sun lotion. I just spoke about sustainable shipping at the Passion For Ocean lecture festival, and discovered something that will enable me to enjoy the beach with aContinue reading “Water Lovers! Ocean Friendly Sunscreen❤️”

Featured in Lloyd’s List: Sustainability & Diversity

I spent an hour of the family Easter vacation amidst sunny & snowy Norwegian mountains talking to Lloyd’s List journalist Anastassios, and you can check out what we discussed here (if you have a subscription for Lloyd’s List Maritime Intelligence). So happy to see how maritime media is starting to increase the focus on diversityContinue reading “Featured in Lloyd’s List: Sustainability & Diversity”

100 Tools For Gender Equality: No. 4 – Visible Role Models

I’ve made a global list of more than 100 inspirational maritime women. How many inspirational women can you count within your organization? How many of these are visible internally? And how many of them are encouraged to engage and inspire outside of their own team, unit or organization? Let’s talk a bit about the importanceContinue reading “100 Tools For Gender Equality: No. 4 – Visible Role Models”

An Asset More Profitable Than Oil… #TEDtalk

Before introducing a really good TEDtalk; Did you know that Norway has made billions based on women’s participation in the labor market? Without the increase in female workers, Norway’s onshore GDP would have been 3.300 BNOK lower than it is today. The average onshore GDP growth in our country has been around 2% annually, andContinue reading “An Asset More Profitable Than Oil… #TEDtalk”

Easter Reads: The Travelling Cat Chronicles

“It’s not the journey that counts, but who is at your side” As a frequent lonely traveler, I’d state the opposite, but this quote inside the Hiro Arikawa book surely got my attention. Soon to board a long-haul via Copenhagen and Beijing to Tokyo, I still prefer books over my Kindle. And here is myContinue reading “Easter Reads: The Travelling Cat Chronicles”

100 Tools for Gender Equality: No.3 – Networks & WISTA

How do you facilitate talent or diversity groups within your company or local shipping community? Too small to do anything internally, or is it too time consuming in a period where resources are strained? Well, have your company partnered up with WISTA? Are your female executives members? Have you realized how much could be gainedContinue reading “100 Tools for Gender Equality: No.3 – Networks & WISTA”

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