In TradeWinds: Making Fair Play Pay💰

About time that the industry’s leading newspaper #TradeWinds starts looking into the gender equality issues – I hope it continues! Super happy to share my thoughts on this important topic. What they didn’t include is that I also told the journalist that a global tool for the industry to explore, track and measure segments/companies’ currentContinue reading “In TradeWinds: Making Fair Play Pay💰”

Countdown: New Job Announcement (!)

I’m so excited!! Counting down towards starting an amazing new job, where I can use all of my passion for the ocean industries, tech, sustainability, entrepreneurs, diversity and continue mobilizing for change! After a really tough 2017, I felt it was important with a fresh start. But it wasn’t an easy decision to leave Nor-Shipping.Continue reading “Countdown: New Job Announcement (!)”

Seychelles & African Shipowners Summit

Hoping to see many industry friends from across the African continent as I’ll be attending the African Shipowners Association’s summit in the Seychelles! Excited to explore the current developments in energy & ocean industries across the many coastal countries. Thank you for the invite Funmi & co, can’t wait! And hoping to see many ofContinue reading “Seychelles & African Shipowners Summit”

Tokyo Countdown: Bookworm Heaven

What are your best Tokyo experiences? Easter Thursday I’ll be heading to Tokyo strictly for pleasure, meeting Jenny from Alfred Berg who travels in from Korea. What a perfect timing for my first ever visit to Japan! Japan’s been on my bucket list for years, and for some odd reason I’ve never got the chanceContinue reading “Tokyo Countdown: Bookworm Heaven”

100 Tools for Gender Equality: No.2 – Clear KPI targets

I’m super excited to hear what kind of specific gender equality targets and KPIs your company have in place! And are they linked to your bonus schemes? We measure leaders and organizations on pretty much everything these days. We link KPIs to areas that we perceive to be critical for our financial and operational performance,Continue reading “100 Tools for Gender Equality: No.2 – Clear KPI targets”

100 Tools for Gender Equality: No.1 – Mentoring

I have dedicated 2018 to promote gender equality in shipping, challenging the industry from within once again. In the coming months I have set a target for myself to find and share 100 examples/tools that any small or large company within our industry can use to join the #DiversityShip movement, and deliver on UN SustainableContinue reading “100 Tools for Gender Equality: No.1 – Mentoring”

Kvinner i et Klyngeperspektiv

Det er mye å feire for oss som er opptatt av å øke kvinneandelen i næringslivet og tilgangen på synlige rollemodeller. Men vi har fortsatt en lang vei å gå. Og da snakker jeg ikke om #MeToo, men om en langt bredere og viktigere diskusjon som vi må løfte frem, skape åpenhet rundt og agereContinue reading “Kvinner i et Klyngeperspektiv”

Featured in Ballator post

The American insurance group Ballator refers to my Splash article (on the need to address harassment in shipping) in a recent post on #MeToo and combating sexual harassment in the workplace. So happy to spur the debate, and I truly hope that a lot will happen in 2018! Men and women must join forces toContinue reading “Featured in Ballator post”

New Opportunities!

Finally, its official! After 3 really exciting years, I am planning new adventures in 2018 and beyond. I feel so grateful to have had the chance to work with such an amazing team and platform at Nor-Shipping, and will follow the exciting developments of Sofia, Kent, Elisabeth, Heidi & Per Martin with great interest andContinue reading “New Opportunities!”

Sustainability & Innovation Tour 2018 – looking for the world’s best companies!

For the past decade I’ve served as an advocate for change within shipping – with a special focus on sustainability, the power of young talents, entrepreneurship and diversity. My long term goal has been to contribute to positive change, and inspire other industry leaders to engage in the same. Following the disruptive sustainability projects inContinue reading “Sustainability & Innovation Tour 2018 – looking for the world’s best companies!”

The Breathing Anchor

The most down-to-earth approach to mindfullness, and an interview worth sharing below, with Dutch-Norwegian professor of vascular surgery – Andries Kroese… Andries is one of my personal human heroes and child survivor of a WWII concentration camp in Japan. My father started meditating back in the early 90’s, and followed Andries’ practice long before mindfulnessContinue reading “The Breathing Anchor”

68-årsdag uten bursdagsbarn ❤️

23 januar 2012 feiret vi pappas bursdag med latter og moro. Han var ikke helt i toppform, og trodde han hadde fått en brokk i mellomgulvet. Samtidig var han i god form, gikk på ski, svømte, trente yoga og pilates. Vi kunne aldri drømt om at vi snart skulle miste ham. Noen dager senere fikkContinue reading “68-årsdag uten bursdagsbarn ❤️”

Stjernesludd: Et litt annerledes julebrev

2017 ble et år fylt av store kontraster. Fra et første halvår med høyt tempo, mye ansvar, kropp og hode fullt av adrenalin, hundre baller i luften, uforutsette hindre og intens jobbing til vi landet Nor-Shipping i slutten av mai. Til den totale kontrasten; det neste halvåret hvor batteriet var flatt og jeg krasjlandet skikkelig.Continue reading “Stjernesludd: Et litt annerledes julebrev”

#Metoo & shipping / #WavesOfChange

As a number of industries are debating and sharing stories on sexual harassment, I have wondered when my industry will join the discussions. NOTE; This post is is written by me as a private person, and not linked to any of my formal roles. With more than 11 years in shipping, I have been positivelyContinue reading “#Metoo & shipping / #WavesOfChange”

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