Shipping and the Global Goals #SDG

We celebrate the eminent Annual Conference of Bergen Chamber, dedicated to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, by releasing our first SDG challenge to our industry! We are one industry – serving one world. We can impact on all of the 17 SDG’s, and now it’s the time for all of us to start thinking about howContinue reading “Shipping and the Global Goals #SDG”

Shifting from CO2 to H2O

Yayy!! Heading back to the future with Toyota Mirai! In September, Wallenius Wilhelmsen safely ships only 10 of these hydrogen fuel cell darlings to Norway, and one of them has my name on it 💡🌱💦 Mirai “Back to the Future” clip: Around the same period, my childhood home will hopefully get solar panels installedContinue reading “Shifting from CO2 to H2O”

Norway: Agenda for action towards 2030 #UN #SDGs

Shipowner and sustainability driving force Elisabeth Grieg mentioned Nor-Shipping and our Young Entrepreneur Award 2015 winner Boyan Slat and his Ocean Cleanup on the panel, during the Norwegian launch of the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals. In front of 200+ Norwegian top executives who will drive the change within business across all industries, Grieg statesContinue reading “Norway: Agenda for action towards 2030 #UN #SDGs”

Sri Lanka: Diversity milestone

The Asia Shipping Conference in Colombo is a milestone, not only for the maritime community of Sri Lanka, but for their entire business community. The first conference to be organized in partnership by Ceylon Association of Shipping Agents, WISTA Sri Lanka and Young Shipping Professionals – not to mention the first to ensure equal levelContinue reading “Sri Lanka: Diversity milestone”

Who Buys Books Anymore?

Existing in a digital world, iPad, phone and Kindle are of course necessities for digesting written content. But nevertheless, books are still my favorite items to go shopping for. Exploring bookstores wherever I go, always pinning out the ones that cover international languages. Here are my treasures from Changi airport last week…   The book inContinue reading “Who Buys Books Anymore?”

Key messages from first part of #TheNewBlue

Some thoughts and points made during the day…​ The worse is yet to come There will also be a need for vessels & ships Pessimism will outlive all other -isms (communism, capitalism etc) 😋 Competence and ability to adapt key survival tools  The world is safer than ever before, with less war and people livingContinue reading “Key messages from first part of #TheNewBlue”

#TheNewBlue – Ocean industries meet the digital age!

This morning is spent at the prestigeous Bristol hotel in Oslo, where more than 200 top executives from Norwegian & international shipping are gathered to hear the latest perspectives from leading industry voices at the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association’s annual conference. This blog post will be updated frequently today. Equipping prominent shipowners and senior power playersContinue reading “#TheNewBlue – Ocean industries meet the digital age!”

Voices of the World

Amazing to see how an unknown writer of a small blog can actually reach out across the world… A tiny example to demonstrate how social media and a connected world changes us radically. As consumers, 90% of everything we eat, use, buy and enjoy is transported by ships. The cheapest and most environmental friendly modeContinue reading “Voices of the World”

Disruptive attitude: Shipping’s bright future

A few weeks ago, we launched our new Nor-Shipping 2017 strategy, aiming to engage, challenge, provoke and inspire the maritime industry. Timing it to the Chinese New Year celebration as we enter the Year of the Monkey, had a double symbolism in it, as we’re both strengthening our focus on China and definitely share some of theContinue reading “Disruptive attitude: Shipping’s bright future”

Kampen om de norske verdiene!

Vi har så lett å glemme hvor vi kommer fra, vi som har så mye. Vi har så lett for å lytte til populistiske politikere som kynisk bygger og bruker vår huleboerfrykt til å sanke stemmer og piske opp stemninger mot enkeltgrupper. Vi har så lett for å glemme at vi snakker om menneskeskjebner når vi forsøkerContinue reading “Kampen om de norske verdiene!”

Watch out! Digital Iceberg ahead!

Some months into my new role, there hasn’t been too much time for writing work related articles – or at least writing something worth sharing.  We all know that the maritime industry is facing numerous challenges, not only here in Norway, but globally. This always comes with new opportunities, but they don’t come for free.Continue reading “Watch out! Digital Iceberg ahead!”

Brand New: Is culture shipping´s toughest challenge? #FuturenautInterview

Featured as the first female Futurenaut yet, I was thrilled to get the chance to talk about some of my key focus areas and passions for the newest issue of the quarterly magazine Futurenautics. This edition is called the Culture, Brand & Diversity issue. Editor Kate Adamson introduces the issue by throwing in some key concerns andContinue reading “Brand New: Is culture shipping´s toughest challenge? #FuturenautInterview”

The Ocean CleanUp Project!

During Nor-Shipping we handed out the Young Entrepreneur Award to an amazing guy – the Dutch 21-y-o Boyan Slat. Our fantastic winner has taken on a task described to be too big of a task for any nation to tackle alone. His entrepreneurial project will remove the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (a sea of floatingContinue reading “The Ocean CleanUp Project!”

Waves of Change at Nor-Shipping – join us on Tuesday 2 June!

Are you passionate about sustainability, diversity and modern leadership? Make sure to join me and more than 150 engaged participants on 2 June at Nor-Shipping, as we introduce a team of multi-national leaders equipped with the proper value and leadership toolkit to thrive and create great results in a changing global economy. These focus areasContinue reading “Waves of Change at Nor-Shipping – join us on Tuesday 2 June!”

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