Featured in Seatrade magazine Q4 2014 // Young Entrepreneur Award 2015

Last September I met Seatrade magazine´s editor Bob Jaques for a lunch interview in London, related to my work with YoungShip and the Young Entrepreneur Award. This top-notch award will be handed out at Nor-Shipping 2015 for the second time during the official Nor-Shipping Opening Conference  Tuesday 2 June… The award promotes and honours young maritimeContinue reading “Featured in Seatrade magazine Q4 2014 // Young Entrepreneur Award 2015”

Regjeringsfolk og mentale bropilarer #Haugesundkonferansen2015

Vi har vært i Haugesund og snakket med flinke folk! Tirsdag for halvannen uke siden skulle samferdselsminister Ketil Solvik-Olsen snakke om regjeringens nye havnestrategi, og arbeidet med å få mer last fra land til sjø. En av de store fordelene med å få større deler av godstrafikken bort fra veiene, er at tungtransporten påfører samfunnet store kostnader bådeContinue reading “Regjeringsfolk og mentale bropilarer #Haugesundkonferansen2015”

New Horizons. Thoughts in times of turmOIL.

A few years ago, the Norwegian Shipowners´ Association launched their new and award winning graphic profile under the name “New Horizons”. This is an important perspective for all of us – regardless of industry and line of work – and worth reflecting upon as we are counting down for 2015. Look ahead, be open toContinue reading “New Horizons. Thoughts in times of turmOIL.”

Look to China!

…er i mange sammenhenger et litt tvilsomt råd. Men når det gjelder satsning på miljø og fornybar energi, bør regjeringen faktisk se nettopp til Kina. Selv om kineserne har redusert satsningene på offshore vind noe ift. opprinnelige målsetninger, er de et eksempel til etterfølgelse for Solberg & co. For i Beijing har man forstått noeContinue reading “Look to China!”

The Heyerdahl Award 2014 – who´s the worthy winner this year….?!

In just over a month, the bi-annual Thor Heyerdahl International Environmental Award will be handed out by the King of Norway at the Norwegian Shipowners´ Association, during their annual conference in Oslo. With a lot of good candidates, it will be exciting to see who is considered the worthiest candidate… As one of the membersContinue reading “The Heyerdahl Award 2014 – who´s the worthy winner this year….?!”

Shipping & the international career markets – my reflections

I spent today at the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, where a great crowd of maritime students gathered for the annual Sjölog, 2 whole days of career fair and inspirational seminars. This year´s topic was the career markets – doomed by many Swedes. Luckily, our business is a global one. From my perspective, I trulyContinue reading “Shipping & the international career markets – my reflections”

Congratulations Tunisia!! Aftermath of the Arab Spring

Just when you thought the Arab Spring had turned into a cold autumn… Tunisia; last week your leaders took a great step for human rights and the environment. I am definitely putting you back on my destination list for places to re-visit! Background; I was among the many who signed petitions, supported campaigns and followed the news updatesContinue reading “Congratulations Tunisia!! Aftermath of the Arab Spring”

Are you a world citizen?

Social media has changed the world for ever. Companies, organisations, governments and individuals are more than ever before held accountable for their actions. The jungle of digital magazines, blogs and storytellers & commenters online kills taboos and end silence. It defends and supports victims of unjustice, and pressures us all towards more openness, transparency andContinue reading “Are you a world citizen?”

A blue Monday for the environment?

Last week, the UN environmental committee released the first part of their report. Stating that global warming with 95% certainty have been influenced by us. Still, some people dont acknowledge it. But even if disregarding global warming completely, any one of us must be able to grasp the bad and 120% proven real-life concequences ofContinue reading “A blue Monday for the environment?”

Press coverage from my presentation to IMO, June 2013

Quoted from the author, article published in BIMCO, Marine Insight, and Company of Master Mariners of Australia; “Inevitably the most disruptive presentation of the afternoon came from the youngest person, Birgit Liodden, founder of Norway’s YoungShip and campaigner for next generation involvement in an industry she fears is falling desperately behind in the race toContinue reading “Press coverage from my presentation to IMO, June 2013”

Challenging the establishment… My first visit to the IMO!

      After a hectic (but fun!) Nor-Shipping week in Oslo, it was time to jump on a plane to London this Monday. IMO (International Maritime Organization) is the United Nation´s specialised agency with responsibility for the safety and security of shipping, and the prevention of marine pollution by ships. In other words, IMOContinue reading “Challenging the establishment… My first visit to the IMO!”

Portrettintervju i Maritime Professional

Under CMA i Stamford ble jeg intervjuet om YoungShip, ambisjoner fremover og min bakgrunn og tanker rundt noen (for meg) viktige temaer. Dette kom på trykk i Q2-utgaven av magasinet, som gis ut globalt. Intervjuet finner du her, på sidene 50-52. Anbefaler også å lese intervjuet med den utrolig inspirerende vinneren av WISTA LeaderShip AwardContinue reading “Portrettintervju i Maritime Professional”

Featured in the “IMO Women at The Helm” campaign

United Nation’s International Maritime Organization (IMO) launched their “Women At The Helm” movie in South Korea earlier today. The campaign is an initiative under the UN global 2015 goals to achieve gender equality. Check it out to see what’ stirring in the world’s most international industry!

Spennende invitasjon til IMO!

      Wow!! I dag dumpet en uventet mail inn i innboksen..! IMO (International Maritime Organisation) er FNs organisasjon for maritime områder, tilsvarende WHO/WTO. De skal arrangere et stort internasjonalt symposium for fremtidens sjøsikkerhet i London 10-11 mars. Og så kommer det utrolige – de vil ha meg til å delta som foredragsholder ogContinue reading “Spennende invitasjon til IMO!”

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