LeaderShip #WISTA2016

WISTA slightly amended the IMO slogan for 2016; Shipping {women} – indispensable to the {maritime} world. Sporting a slightly different delegate profile than your everyday maritime conference, WISTA AGM & International Conference 2016 gathered 300 female leaders from 33 countries for a 4-day conference onboard Holland America Lines’ M/V Koningdam for its’ maiden voyage inContinue reading “LeaderShip #WISTA2016”

We need to talk about female seafarers #DiversityShip

For years I’ve been utterly curious about something; why don’t we succeed in recruiting and retaining more female seafarers onboard the world’s ships?  At several seminars and conferences I’ve attended both in Europe, U.S. and Asia, I’ve listened to numerous discussions on how hard this is. And heard companies sharing their experiences and explaining howContinue reading “We need to talk about female seafarers #DiversityShip”

Kareena Kapoor’s Gender Stereotype Rebellion

I totally love Kareena Kapoor movies, and now I’m all crazy about Ki & Ka! A young couple switching the traditional roles upside-down. Kia is my fictive Indian clone – the story of my life…! You might not know, but based on seeing the achievements made by my amazing, tough and hard-working Indian female friendsContinue reading “Kareena Kapoor’s Gender Stereotype Rebellion”

Girls & Boys; let’s have it all! #RaisingARainbow

I loved the latest Huffington Post piece by Lori Duron on Halloween Drag Queen outfit. And without ever having heard about the #RaisingARainbow concept before, I appear to share many of her views when it comes to raising what she calls gender creative kids. I previously wrote about my frustration for the way small kidsContinue reading “Girls & Boys; let’s have it all! #RaisingARainbow”

The United States of Reality?

Scrolling through Twitter ignite a strange mix of feeling quite humored and scared shitless at the same time, as the U.S. presidential election seems to turn into a surrealistic and populistic reality show 😖 The gap between frustrated voters and the establishment expanded and took a turn for the worse as we (too) slowly startedContinue reading “The United States of Reality?”

Whenever markets are bad… #shippingreaders

…relax with “The Shipping Man” by Matthew McCleary, and remember that it could always be worse! Unless you’re a hedgefund guy who invested at the peak; but in that case, remember you should’ve read this book first 😉  And no matter how high or deep market goes – it’s no wonder that we all loveContinue reading “Whenever markets are bad… #shippingreaders”

Borderless Business; Languages Decrypted

Looks as this awesome piece of tech could arrive just in time for @norshipping next year! Would make the week even more fun – tearing down the walls of different languages – within European languages firstly…💡🇫🇷🇩🇪🇮🇹🇪🇸🇵🇹  Though I can make myself understood on “tourist” level in Russian, Spanish, Italian and squeeze out some phrases inContinue reading “Borderless Business; Languages Decrypted”

No shame! A cover story

Across Europe, discussions are heated on the hijab and burkini debates, commenters throwing verbal bombs from each side, forcing people to take a stand for “good” or “evil”, and leaving little space for deeper reflections. Combined with what I consider most interesting; we get enraged by burkinis while covering up our own 4-year old girls inContinue reading “No shame! A cover story”

Sharing vacay!

For the third year in a row, we have lent our mountain cabin out to families we don’t know. Single moms, parents who’ve gone through a rough period, families from other countries who wants to get familiar with the Norwegian cabin culture. This year, families from Iran, Georgia, Norway and Pakistan got the opportunity toContinue reading “Sharing vacay!”

Norway: Agenda for action towards 2030 #UN #SDGs

Shipowner and sustainability driving force Elisabeth Grieg mentioned Nor-Shipping and our Young Entrepreneur Award 2015 winner Boyan Slat and his Ocean Cleanup on the panel, during the Norwegian launch of the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals. In front of 200+ Norwegian top executives who will drive the change within business across all industries, Grieg statesContinue reading “Norway: Agenda for action towards 2030 #UN #SDGs”

Countdown: Posidonia! #MissionToSeafarers

We are counting down for plenty of good networking with great industry friends & colleagues in Greece for the Posidonia Events next week, and hope to see many of you there! There are strong contrasts when the global shipping elite meets in Greece to do business, and at the same time we’re just extremely aware ofContinue reading “Countdown: Posidonia! #MissionToSeafarers”

African Foreign Ministers meeting

Enjoying an amazing afternoon at the Oslofiord last Friday, with a delegation of Ministers and Ambassadors from across the African continent in a good mix with Norwegian business leaders and officials. I’m truly excited to see welcome a delegation from many of the same countries to Nor-Shipping next year, and it’s great to see theContinue reading “African Foreign Ministers meeting”

The Most Powerful & Influential women of Shipping! #DiversityShip

Nor-Shipping update: I’m currently searching the international maritime industry for our most influential, inspiring and powerful female leaders. Who would you want to see on this list?! 

A Futurist’s Guide to Crewing: CrewConnect Europe 

I left 3 sleeping guys as I left home at 5am this morning, heading for Copenhagen and Europe’s biggest crewing conference CrewConnect Europe. I was invited to share some radical ideas and challenge the audience on what I consider future opportunities and scenarios related to crewing and the profession of seafarers. While many predict thatContinue reading “A Futurist’s Guide to Crewing: CrewConnect Europe “

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