The Pink Swedish Firetruck #EcoVacay

Tomorrow I’m going on a mini adventure expedition with my little monkeys. And you don’t always need to go far. Our criteria for the trip was originally as follows; No CO2 emissions Preferably night train We checked out the Nordic hydrogen network, but going too far stuck in a car seat isnt really ideal forContinue reading “The Pink Swedish Firetruck #EcoVacay”

Water Lovers! Ocean Friendly Sunscreen❤️

Love the beach but don’t want to screw up the ocean ecosystem? Check this out! No more messing up coral reefs & seabed with chemicals from your sun lotion. I just spoke about sustainable shipping at the Passion For Ocean lecture festival, and discovered something that will enable me to enjoy the beach with aContinue reading “Water Lovers! Ocean Friendly Sunscreen❤️”

Seychelles & African Shipowners Summit

Hoping to see many industry friends from across the African continent as I’ll be attending the African Shipowners Association’s summit in the Seychelles! Excited to explore the current developments in energy & ocean industries across the many coastal countries. Thank you for the invite Funmi & co, can’t wait! And hoping to see many ofContinue reading “Seychelles & African Shipowners Summit”

Tokyo Countdown: Bookworm Heaven

What are your best Tokyo experiences? Easter Thursday I’ll be heading to Tokyo strictly for pleasure, meeting Jenny from Alfred Berg who travels in from Korea. What a perfect timing for my first ever visit to Japan! Japan’s been on my bucket list for years, and for some odd reason I’ve never got the chanceContinue reading “Tokyo Countdown: Bookworm Heaven”

Borderless Business; Languages Decrypted

Looks as this awesome piece of tech could arrive just in time for @norshipping next year! Would make the week even more fun – tearing down the walls of different languages – within European languages firstly…💡🇫🇷🇩🇪🇮🇹🇪🇸🇵🇹  Though I can make myself understood on “tourist” level in Russian, Spanish, Italian and squeeze out some phrases inContinue reading “Borderless Business; Languages Decrypted”

Slow speeding in Sri Lanka

Watching the big ships from Maersk, MOL++ appear and disappear in the horizon, and waves crushing into the rocks below, as I enjoy a coffe on the balcony… Typical for many in my generation, I don’t care much about material status symbols. Expensive purses, jewelry, designer clothes – it’s nice but just not important. IContinue reading “Slow speeding in Sri Lanka”

Who Buys Books Anymore?

Existing in a digital world, iPad, phone and Kindle are of course necessities for digesting written content. But nevertheless, books are still my favorite items to go shopping for. Exploring bookstores wherever I go, always pinning out the ones that cover international languages. Here are my treasures from Changi airport last week…   The book inContinue reading “Who Buys Books Anymore?”

Wanted: Sri Lanka Travel Tips

Destination Colombo: WISTA CASA Asia Pacific Shipping Conference on the agenda! Look forward to meet Asian & international colleagues in Colombo 6-7 May! Do you have any good experiences to share on what to experience and where to stay on the South West coast of Sri Lanka? First week of May I’ll be speaking atContinue reading “Wanted: Sri Lanka Travel Tips”

Movies moves the world..

Now she lost it, you probably think; Obviously she meant ships? Or perhaps planes?  Well, just as we need big ships and infrastructure to connect and move us and our goods/energy physically and develop the world – we also need intellectual infrastructure to move and connect our brains and hearts. Movies, books and music are allContinue reading “Movies moves the world..”

Hoiden Loner on a Sharing-Economy Business Trip

Texas travel letter and thoughts on solitude: Austin brands itself as Weird, though its original inhabitants claim the weirdness is lost through SXSWs hipster status and over-commercialization. Nevertheless – first place in the U.S. that I ever visited where topless is yay and weapons are ney! Austin is probably what you’d get if you putContinue reading “Hoiden Loner on a Sharing-Economy Business Trip”

London City: Baltic Exchange – quiet night in London

London by night! Following a really nice day spent at the house of Lloyd’s List editor Richard Meade, I’m taking full advantage of the rare occasion of having an evening/night off while travelling. The obvious choices would of course be some combo of a show, shopping, nice dining or other ways to utilize the amazingContinue reading “London City: Baltic Exchange – quiet night in London”

Vediamo a Genova!

While my eminent colleague represent Nor-Shipping in Limassol during Maritime Cyprus, I am heading for Italy and the 2nd edition of Genova Shipping Week tomorrow. Let me know if you’re there – I’ll be attending the conferences on Thursday & Friday, as well as the dinner at Eataly/Porto Antico Thursday night. And then some… LastContinue reading “Vediamo a Genova!”

Oslo check this out: Cleaning Day Finland #Concept2Copy

When arriving in Helsinki, I hadn’t had time to check anything about which areas and places to go/see. So when I walked out of the hotel yesterday, and met this sight after a few hundred metres, I couldn’t believe my luck! This community project appears to be of Australian origin, and allows all of Helsinki’sContinue reading “Oslo check this out: Cleaning Day Finland #Concept2Copy”

Foodie alert: Boulevard Social #Helsinki

   I am a 120% dedicated foodie. Some people eat as a neccessity to live – I live to eat and enjoy food. I’m not the typical “gourmet” (the up-tight type of foodie who strictly chases the high-end restaurants), but more a case of genuine food curiousity and a healthy appetite.  From my perspective, theContinue reading “Foodie alert: Boulevard Social #Helsinki”

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