#Metoo & shipping / #WavesOfChange

As a number of industries are debating and sharing stories on sexual harassment, I have wondered when my industry will join the discussions. NOTE; This post is is written by me as a private person, and not linked to any of my formal roles. With more than 11 years in shipping, I have been positivelyContinue reading “#Metoo & shipping / #WavesOfChange”

#TheResistance – ACT for humanity

Many of us wonder how we can contribute as individuals, to support the important work of building a resilient, safe and warm society for all. I hereby share some examples from the past year, hoping it can serve as inspiration.  Remember that even though change, instability and key societal problems may seem too big toContinue reading “#TheResistance – ACT for humanity”

One Year: 365 steps towards a warmer society

Christmas is less than a month away, and maybe you already started the treasure hunting for gifts? Did you ever consider what happens when you push the “order” button on Amazon or eBay, or how your local stores get all the nice stuff produced abroad? Through a global spiderweb of infrastructure ensuring that whatever fromContinue reading “One Year: 365 steps towards a warmer society”

Shipping and the Global Goals #SDG

We celebrate the eminent Annual Conference of Bergen Chamber, dedicated to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, by releasing our first SDG challenge to our industry! We are one industry – serving one world. We can impact on all of the 17 SDG’s, and now it’s the time for all of us to start thinking about howContinue reading “Shipping and the Global Goals #SDG”

LeaderShip #WISTA2016

WISTA slightly amended the IMO slogan for 2016; Shipping {women} – indispensable to the {maritime} world. Sporting a slightly different delegate profile than your everyday maritime conference, WISTA AGM & International Conference 2016 gathered 300 female leaders from 33 countries for a 4-day conference onboard Holland America Lines’ M/V Koningdam for its’ maiden voyage inContinue reading “LeaderShip #WISTA2016”

We need to talk about female seafarers #DiversityShip

For years I’ve been utterly curious about something; why don’t we succeed in recruiting and retaining more female seafarers onboard the world’s ships?  At several seminars and conferences I’ve attended both in Europe, U.S. and Asia, I’ve listened to numerous discussions on how hard this is. And heard companies sharing their experiences and explaining howContinue reading “We need to talk about female seafarers #DiversityShip”

Kareena Kapoor’s Gender Stereotype Rebellion

I totally love Kareena Kapoor movies, and now I’m all crazy about Ki & Ka! A young couple switching the traditional roles upside-down. Kia is my fictive Indian clone – the story of my life…! You might not know, but based on seeing the achievements made by my amazing, tough and hard-working Indian female friendsContinue reading “Kareena Kapoor’s Gender Stereotype Rebellion”

Oslo Nights

The Oslo nights are starting to get cold, so it’s even more important to contribute to keep our city warm.  Switching from train to tram on my way back from Copenhagen tonight, a young girl sat outside the station, begging. I rarely give money, but she was hungry and so was I, so I fetchedContinue reading “Oslo Nights”

Mini-League meets Ivy’ League

Have you ever felt way out of your comfort zone? Did you ever try challenging or sharing your input with someone who completely outweigh your own experience and competence? Presenting something to them that they know 20 times better than you? That’s scary! A mini league player entering Ivy League. Scary is good. Fear causesContinue reading “Mini-League meets Ivy’ League”

The United States of Reality?

Scrolling through Twitter ignite a strange mix of feeling quite humored and scared shitless at the same time, as the U.S. presidential election seems to turn into a surrealistic and populistic reality show 😖 The gap between frustrated voters and the establishment expanded and took a turn for the worse as we (too) slowly startedContinue reading “The United States of Reality?”

Menn som voldtar: Refleksjoner

Nå på tampen av sommerferien har jeg fulgt nyhetene etter at en ung jente hadde gått gjennom en sak i flere runder av rettssystemet, som endte med at 3 menn som hadde gitt henne dop ble frikjent for voldtekt. Saken har skapt så kraftige reaksjoner at jeg håper vi klarer å få til en varig endring iContinue reading “Menn som voldtar: Refleksjoner”

Tusen takk, Per Fuggeli!

I en samfunnsdebatt som er stadig mer preget av at vi nordmenn i ganske stor grad er en gjeng bortskjemte navlebeskuere – og hvor det kalkulert og kynisk spilles på uvitenhet, frykt og fordommer mot utsatte grupper, er det fantastisk med glødende engasjerte forkjempere for et varmere samfunn. Per Fuggeli er en av de viktigsteContinue reading “Tusen takk, Per Fuggeli!”

Shifting from CO2 to H2O

Yayy!! Heading back to the future with Toyota Mirai! In September, Wallenius Wilhelmsen safely ships only 10 of these hydrogen fuel cell darlings to Norway, and one of them has my name on it 💡🌱💦 Mirai “Back to the Future” clip: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xFyY7_hc-14 Around the same period, my childhood home will hopefully get solar panels installedContinue reading “Shifting from CO2 to H2O”

Norway: Agenda for action towards 2030 #UN #SDGs

Shipowner and sustainability driving force Elisabeth Grieg mentioned Nor-Shipping and our Young Entrepreneur Award 2015 winner Boyan Slat and his Ocean Cleanup on the panel, during the Norwegian launch of the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals. In front of 200+ Norwegian top executives who will drive the change within business across all industries, Grieg statesContinue reading “Norway: Agenda for action towards 2030 #UN #SDGs”

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