The Peace Wall

With so much talk about building walls and closing borders, this is the kind of wall I prefer 🌍🌱 I just love the art projects initiated by @nobelpeaceoslo – #UnknownNumbers by Shwan Dier Qaradaki & Johannes Høie #FreeVoices #ThePeaceWall 🌍🙌🏽 On my way to a boat trip with Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs and his […]

Diversity – Beyond gender!

A tribute to Sunu, Rani and Iman: Growing up in Norway, my path to independence and creating a safe, healthy life for myself and even with an challenging, exciting career to top it off, is like running a marathon but starting 1km before the finish line, while most of the others have to run the […]

London City: Baltic Exchange – quiet night in London

London by night! Following a really nice day spent at the house of Lloyd’s List editor Richard Meade, I’m taking full advantage of the rare occasion of having an evening/night off while travelling. The obvious choices would of course be some combo of a show, shopping, nice dining or other ways to utilize the amazing […]

eVeryday: the quiet chivalry

Here in Norway there wasn’t really a big focus on celebrating Valentines, but the media & commercial actors’ focus on 14 February has exploded recent years. Does this mean people’s habits are changing as well? Chatting with some of my friends earlier today, it became quite clear that we may definitely be aware of the […]

Question: How do you compensate unbalanced workload at home?

Honest reflections from a travelling mom on the plane to Amsterdam: I know many argue that pursuing a career is something one do for our family. To a certain extent thats true. However, once we reach a certain income level needed to provide for ourselves and an eventual family, I’d claim that this has more […]

How to (really!!) provoke racists:

The ultimate way to provoke racists and cause a Twitter storm after posting a humanitarian post they didn’t like, seems to be this: Let them know you’re planning to invite a refugee family over for dinner. Based on the ludacris reactions I received when testing this, I changed my mind. I’ll invite a refugee family several times instead. The amount […]

Digital native? Mentor søkes!

“The emerging sectors of digital, green and creative offer fantastic opportunities but a greater likelyhood of Gen X, Y and Z coming together each with a different set of skills and reference points.  The challenge; getting each to educate the other in their relative strengths.” Jeg tror voksne ledere, både i og utenfor shipping, trenger omvendt mentoring […]

Hjelp Redningsselskapet å redde liv!

Sivilbefolkningen i Syria slaktes ned av russere, franskmenn, Assad og IS. Jeg blir så forbanna og trist over verdenssamfunnets svik at jeg nesten ikke kan få sagt det! Heldigvis er det mange som stiller opp for flyktningene i mellomtiden. Frem til jul samler Redningsselskapet inn penger for å redde flere liv i Middelhavet. Jeg bidrar med 1 styrehonorar og […]

Call-out for input – shipowners’ views on beaching/recycling! #MastersMentoring

I have for a while been mentoring a very bright Indian student at HBV (Vestfold Maritime College), who’s currently writing her Masters’ thesis about green ship recycling. As part of the process, I use this opportunity to challenge some of my industry colleagues (working for/representing a shipowner) to share your views and experiences by filling in a questionaire (added below […]

“Moving on”: Fantastic song & stop-motion video

I just had to share this sad yet beautiful video by Ainslie Henderson. To me, it nearly accurately describes the strong experience of losing a beloved (father) from cancer. Wanting and trying to do anything possible and impossible to stop the inevitable. The stages of shock, frustration, anger, sadness. Watching the person you love slip away breath by breath. Then, eventually accepting […]

BistandsNorge utfordrer til dugnad: Kan vi bidra med #RoomForSyria??

I flere år, og før bredden vestlig media så alvoret i situasjonen i Syria, har jeg tenkt mye på hvordan man som enkeltmenneske kan bidra på en måte som utgjør en forskjell. Man kan donere penger, signere Amnesty-kampanjer (som vi gjorde i starten, da de fengslet aktivister), men man føler seg maktesløs her man sitter […]