Be Weird!

A wrap-up of good thoughts that’s definitely representing my focus in life – enjoy your weekend and be weird! Adding some self-experienced points to the list; Join some kids and jump in rain pits, or if you can’t find any – jump in bed  Turn on your favorite music really loud and dance silly in yourContinue reading “Be Weird!”

Du trenger en hobby når…

…klokka er 16 og kaffen fra i morges fortsatt står urørt …to små barn tester ut variasjoner av “døgning” for fjerde døgn på rad – bare uten festen først …du sov fra 02-04, da han på 1,5 med feber kom over i senga, og våknet deretter i morges halvt sittende i sengen med to småContinue reading “Du trenger en hobby når…”

LobotoBirgit… Når hjernen har tatt helg på forskudd

Selvutlevering aka Bridget Jones incident; Det kan kanskje hende at jeg har vært litt sliten i det siste. Eller at det stemmer at hjernen krymper når man får barn. Men innerst inne vet jeg (og de som kjenner meg) at det er en god sjanse for at disse episodene også kunne hendt før. I gårContinue reading “LobotoBirgit… Når hjernen har tatt helg på forskudd”

The concept of multi-tasking…. Read & laugh (or learn?)!

The past few weeks have been quite hectic, as most of my current work had some kind of important activity this week. Tuesday came with a high-north competence seminar for youth politicians, the Expert Committee meeting of the Heyerdahl Environmental Award was scheduled for Thursday (today), and finally – a fundraising event with WISTA &Continue reading “The concept of multi-tasking…. Read & laugh (or learn?)!”

11 great benefits of a messy home

Or to put it in other words; my best excuses for not spending more energy than an absolute minimum on domestic stuff. Friends, kids and others don’t have to worry about leaving a stain somewhere; it will blend in perfectly with all the existing ones Less stress to host guests when you don’t bother aboutContinue reading “11 great benefits of a messy home”

Seriously – someone still falls for this??!! #Nigeria letter no. 28

Thank you to all those sending me this hilarious and funny e-mails. You make my day, while I make my own money ;-). Just cannot believe it´s still possible to succeed with these attempts of variously successful google translate e-mails. For the author of this one, however, must say that the English is good (forContinue reading “Seriously – someone still falls for this??!! #Nigeria letter no. 28”

Ting man ikke må gjøre når man har hund og barn

• Sette igjen Mac’en på gulvet når du skal roe småtten som våknet hylende midt i skriving av en mail. Spesielt ikke før du har fått gått kveldstur med hunden…  #MacMedMarkering • La døren til gangen stå åpen i 2 sekunder med full vannskål (også kalt plaskebasseng) • Glemme å gjemme posen med hundemat (ogsåContinue reading “Ting man ikke må gjøre når man har hund og barn”

When the shit hits the fan…

…or a litre of coffee hits the floor, its a matter of keeping the right focus. Im this case; 1. That it didn’t soak the Mac 2. That it wasn’t that hot anymore 3. That the cow skin on the floor was already dark brown Counting down for X-mas…! 😉 #BakFasaden #AnotherBridgetJonesIncident

Når festen er over..

…gjelder det å la inntrykkene og godfølelsen synke inn. Her flyter langbordet av stemning (les; tomme vinflasker) fra i går. Jeg er helt alene hjemme uten baby og samboer dagen derpå, for første gang siden – april…!!! Så der de orntli’e og fornuftige flinkis-damene helt sikkert ville stått på huet, ryddet & vasket, sitter jegContinue reading “Når festen er over..”

Low shoulders

My favourite place in the world. Simple, quiet, distant. Packed with memories of our family. Of neverending time with my father; who I’m still half expecting to see entering the cabin with a load for the fireplace. Where I sleep like nowhere else          

Murphy’s Law; thanks a lot..!

YESTERDAY (morning) Me; “What a great day it’ll be. A walk with friends, 2-3 hours work after lunch. No other plans.” Life; “Or so you think, motherfucker! Hahh!! Now just wait and see what I’ll be cookin’ and about ready to throw in your face. Starting in 5 minutes from now. You will be sorryContinue reading “Murphy’s Law; thanks a lot..!”

West Africa; “Africa” by Toto, Performed by the Bourbon Peridot crew

Before making their next video, I definitely think the Norwegian comedians Ylvis should take a look at these guys from Subsea7.. 😉

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