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Short bio: Birgit Liodden (35) is among the most profiled young shipping female executives globally, and fronted the first public #MeToo discussions in shipping. For the past 10 years she has advocated the next generation, diversity, sustainability and the need for change across the global maritime industry. Liodden is Director of Sustainability, Ocean Industries & Communication in Oslo Business Region, and initiator of their project to realize Oslo’s potential as the world’s capital for ocean entrepreneurs.

Liodden holds board roles in The Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue, RS Sea Rescue Academy, Bellona Foundation, WISTA Norway and the Norwegian Organization for Electric Leisure Boats. She is the first female Director of Nor-Shipping, and Founder & first Secretary General of YoungShip International. Her maritime background includes 5 years at Wilh. Wilhelmsen corporate head office, working on global HR&IT projects, and 4,5 years as entrepreneur, working with a.o. YoungShip, Nor-Shipping, OECD, Wilhelmsen Maritime Services and Sea Trucks Nigeria. She initiated the first young entrepreneur award in global shipping, and co-established the first female mentorship program, as coop between YoungShip & WISTA. She has figured on a number of leadership ranking, was awarded Shipping Name of The Year in Norway (2012), and was a finalist for World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders 2018.

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TradeWinds, March 2018: Making Fair Play Pay





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Skjermbilde 2014-10-13 kl. 03.43.38
“Who would hire John Fredriksen today?” I challenge the industry to invest in young outsiders with practical and entrepreneurial skills and think outside the box when hiring people, in my first column for the new Norwegian web paper, launched by media house Schibsted. October 2014

Skjermbilde 2014-05-17 kl. 03.32.01
Live studio interview on national Norwegian evening news (NRK Dagsrevyen) 14. May 2014, on the lack of visible female leaders in business (and the maritime industry), and my views on how to change this moving forward.
Norwegian business magazine Kapital, featured in the list
Norwegian business magazine Kapital, featured in the list “Women in the wind” (female Norwegian leaders who nearly made the 100 Most Powerful Women list), May 2014.

Sjöfartstidningen, Februar 2014 Sjöfartstidningen, Februar 2014
Kapital 2013
Portrettintervju i Kapital juni 2013; De nye businesstalentene
Provoking and challenging the industry, and attracting attention all the way down under. June 2013, Lloyd´s List Australia
Provoking and challenging the industry, and attracting attention all the way down under. June 2013, Lloyd´s List Australia
Stirring things up at the IMO (United Nations´International Maritime Organisation). Featured in BIMCOs global newsletter. London, June 2013.
Stirring things up at the IMO (United Nations´International Maritime Organisation) Ship Safety Symposium to mark the Titanic 100 year anniversary. Featured in BIMCOs global newsletter. London, June 2013. Quoting the article; “Inevitably the most disruptive presentation of the afternoon came from the youngest person, Birgit Liodden, founder of Norway´s YoungShip and campaigner for the next generation involvement in an industry she fears is failing desperately behind in the race to secure the talents it needs.”
MarineLink CMA
Profile interview in the Maritime Professional magazine, Q2 2013, in connection with the CMA 2013. Stamford, Connecticut.
VG mars 2013
Artikkel i VG mars 2013 vedr. kvinner i shipping
VG juni 2013
VG juni 2013; Blant Norges 10 viktigste kvinnelige rollemodeller for fremtiden

Skjermbilde 2014-08-27 kl. 23.45.31

Skjermbilde 2014-08-27 kl. 23.29.49

E24 mai 2012, mai 2012; WISTA Leadership Award 2012
IMO 2013
FN/IMO 2013; Blant frontfigurene i kampanjen Women at the Helm

DVZ article

DZV Article 2

DZV Article 3

DZV Article 4


Skjermbilde 2014-08-27 kl. 23.11.28
Skjermbilde 2014-08-27 kl. 23.08.44 Featured in Lloyd´s List Next Generation issue, May 2012. Ranked among 17 young global leaders in the “On our radar” section, profiling selected young talents without family ties to the industry, who are considered central leaders for the future.
Fairplay 26 April 2012
Portrait interview with Fairplay´s editor Richard Clayton on modern leadership, challenging the maritime industry to work more holistic and long-term on recruiting the right competence. (London, April 2012)
VG-kronikk 5.3.12
VG Mars 2013, Kronikk
Dilek WISTA, juni 2012; WISTA Leadership Award, Bølgen & Moi Tjuvholmen
HegnarOnline - WISTA Award
Featured on female business web magazine about the LeaderShip Award 2012. 19 April 2012, Norway
Paris, October 2012: WISTA International Conference
Lloyds List mars 2013
Lloyd´s List March 2013, CMA 2013 Stamford / N.Y.
Lloyds List 2012
Lloyd´s List 2012, Column published
Lloyd´s List
Lloyd´s List, December 2013: New generation of media
Navigare (Sjøfartsdirektoratet), Juni 2012: WISTA Leadership Award

WMD ChalmersfredriksenNorShipping m DagSchj

Portrait interview connected to Nor-Shipping 2011 and the launch of the very first Ocean Talent Camp (Nor-Shipping Campus)

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