Water Lovers! Ocean Friendly Sunscreen❤️

Love the beach but don’t want to screw up the ocean ecosystem? Check this out! No more messing up coral reefs & seabed with chemicals from your sun lotion.

I just spoke about sustainable shipping at the Passion For Ocean lecture festival, and discovered something that will enable me to enjoy the beach with a better conscience!

Biotherm launched ocean friendly sunscreen last year, and I can’t believe I didn’t discover it until now…?! I will be changing my products ASAP and encourage you to do the same! (PS: this post isn’t sponsored- just fueled by pure excitement!!)

20 April I’m heading to the Seychelles for the African Shipowners Association’s Annual Summit. Obviously you need to cover up or wear sunscreen, and I couldn’t stand the thought of messing up the local ecosystem..

As I know this is a concern to many of you, check out this info about Biotherm’s products and their cooperation with environmental superhero Sylvia Earle!

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