Mini-League meets Ivy’ League

Have you ever felt way out of your comfort zone? Did you ever try challenging or sharing your input with someone who completely outweigh your own experience and competence? Presenting something to them that they know 20 times better than you? That’s scary! A mini league player entering Ivy League. Scary is good. Fear causesContinue reading “Mini-League meets Ivy’ League”

Question to #TheNewBlue – Where is your CDO?

“A CD-what did you say??” might be your first thought. So let me explain; would you consider it safe to run a shipping company under a board & a mgt. team without key financial or commercial competence?  Are you fit for the future?  I was thinking;  In an industry that is facing enormous opportunities andContinue reading “Question to #TheNewBlue – Where is your CDO?”

At the helm: 3rd generation reflections

Four years ago I started preparing for stepping into my father’s shoes. He chaired the family’s 3 small real-estate companies, and had just been told that he wouldn’t get much older, as he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I was 29, heavily occupied with my own company in a completely different industry, and suddenly felt the weightContinue reading “At the helm: 3rd generation reflections”

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