Grateful & Excited: Thank you!!

So finally we were able to reveal my new role and project this week, and I just have to thank everyone for such an amazing flood of warm and engaged feedback!

The idea of mobilizing all good forces to co-create the world’s best ecosystem for ocean entrepreneurs – with a special focus on impact/sustainability – has been a vision for 10 years. But now the role and timing was finally right.

I have missed my former life as entrepreneur, and within the Oslo Business Region sphere I feel that I can actually get to kick off an entrepreneurial project while being in a great organization. The best of two worlds…!

Just before we launched the news, I spotted a post by Richard Branson on Instagram, which I think really describes my past 6 months. It’s a great advise so I’ll share it with you:

I rested, and now I’m ready to kick ass with loads of engagement. We already received numerous enquiries from players who wants to team up and play a role in the ocean initiative- as well as some who wants to cooperate on sustainability across other sectors. I love the word of mouth effect, which will be extremely important in the collaborative work that lies ahead.

I also feel extremely grateful for the warm welcome I’ve received from the entire team of Oslo Business Region! I’ll share more in what we do and who’s who in the team later – but for now I can just say that it’s a really good group of nice, hard-working, down-to-earth guys who shares the same passion for entrepreneurship. Can’t wait to join properly!

Shipping media and social media has buzzed this week, and here’s some of the coverage. More than 30.000(!) read the press release on LinkedIn alone… And the coolest part – not a dime spent on PR agency..

Shipping & the international career markets – my reflections

ImageI spent today at the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, where a great crowd of maritime students gathered for the annual Sjölog, 2 whole days of career fair and inspirational seminars. This year´s topic was the career markets – doomed by many Swedes. Luckily, our business is a global one. From my perspective, I truly believe that we can still stay (ahead) in the game, even though countries in other regions such as Asia are bigger, cheaper and represent really strong competition moving forward.








ImageIn Scandinavia we are few, expensive and we have in some areas lost parts of our position in the global markets. Our only way of facing the competition is by being creative. We need to innovate efficiently, utilize our resources in non-traditional manners, look for the opportunities hidden in between and behind the major challenges.

My challenge to all maritime students and the young executives and colleagues of the maritime industry is think new – now! What can you do to solve the industry´s challenges? Do you hold the answers to ongoing technological puzzles? Do you actively seek better ways of performing your tasks & responsibilities? Do you manage to think outside the box, without worrying about others laughing of your ideas because they don´t get them?

I believe that you can do all of this. But you need to start being aware of all the potentials and opportunities you come across. How can something defined as a problem/challenge, be turned into a great opportunity?

These are exciting times in the global shipping industry. They are exciting for us as young people, as we represent the next generation in so many ways. Let´s challenge the seniors, join forces to change old patterns, and lets think new – innovate!

If you work hard, stay focused and really believe in your concepts and ideas, you can actually make it. I don´t claim it´s easy, but wow how fulfilling to chase the unknown in quest for tomorrow´s solutions… What is your idea, your contribution to the industry?

Enjoy sweet & creative dreams tonight…..!


Challenging the establishment… My first visit to the IMO!




After a hectic (but fun!) Nor-Shipping week in Oslo, it was time to jump on a plane to London this Monday. IMO (International Maritime Organization) is the United Nation´s specialised agency with responsibility for the safety and security of shipping, and the prevention of marine pollution by ships. In other words, IMO is responsible for defining and implementing global regulations related to safety and environment for our industry. IMO is set up similar to WHO (Health), WTO (Trade) etc. Their head office lay beside the Thames, and was opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1983.

It is now a year since the 100-year memorial for the Titanic, and the IMO for the first time organised a new type of global meeting, the first Ship Safety Symposium. I received an invitation to speak alongside industry experts such as Dr. Martin Stopford earlier this spring, and of course couldn´t resist this opportunity to bring our message across. Being asked to give a “thought-provoking” presentation, it´s needless to say that I definitely kept to the request.

Being the youngest speaker at the event, where 3 out of 30 were female, I assume that I stirred the audience quite a bit by introducing the first ever rap-video being played at this prominent venue. And I handed out a few harsh messages ref. to the NOX regulations and the Polar Code, asking what the audience would tell their kids & grandchildren in the future when not pushing the regulations our industry needs. Also, I opted the chance of pinpointing our competence challenge, and link to our industry´s lack of visibility. As Sustainable Shipping quoted me in their article; Shipping needs new role models! 

Challenging the audience on gray hair & suits, I am in for some beating of course. But they took it quite well, and the discussions afterwards were great!! Good involvement, and I even got some good support from Martin Stopford 🙂





Photo credits: IMO – International Maritime Organisation

Was supposed to get on the last plane back to Oslo, but due to some problems I got stuck and spent the first hours of my 31st birthday at Gatwick Airport. Cold, tired and just wanting to get home to my little one, I can assure you there´s no hint of glamour or champagne factor in this line of work 😉 But as shipping is a close global community in a small world, I was (as usual) lucky enough to meet someone familiar… Consuelo Rivero from WISTA Spain (Board member of WISTA Int.), was also spending the night there – caught in between flight transfer on her way back from the WISTA Mediterranean Conference in Greece. Great to chat away some nightly hours!

// B


Torsdag sist uke sendte Elisabeth Grieg inn en kronikk til VG, på vegne av flere av oss som er engasjerte jenter/damer i bransjen. Bak kronikken, som var initiert av verdens mest engasjerte Elisabeth, sto også Anne-Jorunn Møkster, Synnøve Seglem i OAS Knutsen, Kristine Klaveness, Hege Solbakken i Maritimt Forum, og så jeg da.. Denne ble trykket i VG tirsdag 4. mars, sammen med et intervju av Elisabeth, Hege og meg.

Kronikken vår var et tilsvar til John Fredriksens uttalelser til TV2 og DN om at det ikke er mulig å drive business i Norge, at kompetansen mangler og at vår bransje er så mannsdominert at han er bekymret for døtrene sine når de skal ta over.

Vi er ikke enige med ham, og var veldig glade da VG bestemte seg for å trykke kronikken, samt lage en sak på dette. Vi møtte VG sammen med Hege Solbakken fra Maritimt Forum, på Elisabeths kontor på Skøyen. Jeg er i mammapermisjon for tiden, så minsten var selvfølgelig med. Så lenge han har mamma´n & mat i trygg nærhet er han en veldig blid og fornøyd gutt. Og han bestemte seg for at det var tid for litt mat under intervjuet. Etterpå sovnet han godt, men hadde tydeligvis gjort så godt inntrykk på fotografen at han fikk være med på bilde og greier.. Litt av en alder å avisdebutere i 😉

VG-artikkel 5.3.12        VG-kronikk 5.3.12

Som sagt deler vi ikke Fredriksens syn på norsk maritim næring. Basert på mine egne erfaringer, kan jeg ikke la være å reflektere litt over at det (meg bekjent) ikke er så mange andre bransjer hvor du som jente uten høyere utdanning eller noe som helst nettverk/familie/erfaring innen bransjen, kan begynne som assistent, og under 5 år senere starte eget firma og lede en så spennende organisasjon som YoungShip. Majoriteten av de jeg kjenner ønsker flere jenter inn i næringen, og det er en rekke satsninger for å øke jenters interesse for å satse på en maritim karriere.

Selv har jeg stilt opp på både Kvinner i Kuling i Bergen, Jenter for Realfag i Stavanger, og YoungShip´s eget initiativ “Jenter for Shipping”, som er fast innslag under Nor-Shipping. Vi i YoungShip stiller også opp som mentorer for studenter, og i et samarbeid med WISTA startet vi i 2012 også et kjempegodt mentorprogram for jenter som allerede er i næringen, hvor de kobles med kvinnelige toppledere fra næringen.

Vi ønsker flinke, engasjerte og nysgjerrige jenter i alle aldre hjertelig velkommen til verdens mest spennende næring 🙂

PS; Gratulerer med kvinnedagen! Alle norske jenter bør bruke dagen til å tenke over hvor fantastisk heldig vi er her hjemme, og at det ikke bør tas som noen selvfølge. Nettopp derfor bør vi støtte opp om jenter i andre deler av verden, som ikke (ennå..) har de samme muligheter som oss 🙂

Spennende invitasjon til IMO!




Wow!! I dag dumpet en uventet mail inn i innboksen..!

IMO (International Maritime Organisation) er FNs organisasjon for maritime områder, tilsvarende WHO/WTO. De skal arrangere et stort internasjonalt symposium for fremtidens sjøsikkerhet i London 10-11 mars. Og så kommer det utrolige – de vil ha meg til å delta som foredragsholder og i en paneldebatt. Tildelt tema er “Fremtidens utfordringer for maritim næring”. Jeg skal altså ikke snakke om verken det å være jente, eller om å være ung/øke rekrutteringen. De ber meg spesifikt om “a view to providing a thought-provoking presentation on the economic, environmental and consumer forces impacting maritime industry and how such forces will drive future ship design and operations”. Spennende oppgave!

Fy søren så langt YoungShip har kommet på kun få år. Dette er fantastisk spennende, og ikke minst veldig motiverende. Det at en så sentral og topptung organisasjon som IMO nå fokuserer mot neste generasjon er rett og slett en liten revolusjon. Yngrebølgen? Jeg ser det i stadig flere fora; stadig nye dører åpnes for de yngre i bransjen. Vi tar YoungShip-bølgen av glede, og jeg tror vi kan lære de “eldre” mye fremover, samt inspirere dem aldri så lite.. 😉

Og så er det moro at jeg tydeligvis har fått ny tittel siden sist.. Må bare presisere at jeg absolutt ikke er Dr./Ph.D. – tvert i mot..

Enda mer moro er at arrangementet skjer 10-11 juni, som altså faller sammen med 100-årsmarkeringen av norske jenters stemmerett. Pippi Power!!!

IMO Invitation

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