100 Tools for Gender Equality: No.1 – Mentoring

I have dedicated 2018 to promote gender equality in shipping, challenging the industry from within once again. In the coming months I have set a target for myself to find and share 100 examples/tools that any small or large company within our industry can use to join the #DiversityShip movement, and deliver on UN SustainableContinue reading “100 Tools for Gender Equality: No.1 – Mentoring”

Disruptive attitude: Shipping’s bright future

A few weeks ago, we launched our new Nor-Shipping 2017 strategy, aiming to engage, challenge, provoke and inspire the maritime industry. Timing it to the Chinese New Year celebration as we enter the Year of the Monkey, had a double symbolism in it, as we’re both strengthening our focus on China and definitely share some of theContinue reading “Disruptive attitude: Shipping’s bright future”

Amazon moving into shipping

Last week I drafted some input for Maritime CEO, preparing an interview focused on thoughts towards 2017. Today I discovered that one of my predictions actually just happened(!): “This is a business world entering into a stormy sea of shared economy, digital technology and where global non-shipping tech mastodons such as Amazon and Google may enterContinue reading “Amazon moving into shipping”

Leder for en dag; Kompetanse for fremtiden

Alle vi som er engasjert i norsk næringsliv og et konkurransedyktig A/S Norge er enige om at kompetanse er viktig. Vi trenger flere som vil utdanne seg til ingeniører, fagarbeidere og for vår del; til en maritim karriere. Og da må vi aktivt ta ansvar, bidra til å vise frem spennende muligheter og engasjerende rollemodeller.Continue reading “Leder for en dag; Kompetanse for fremtiden”

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