Freedom of Speech

Today is a sad day. For the freedom of speech. For freedom of press. For democracy. For islam. For the Charlie Hebdo employees and their dearest. For moderate and ordinary muslims in Paris/France. And elsewhere.

To all my muslim friends and acquaintances; I can understand the frustration caused by what is seen to be disrespectful behaviour. However, cartoonists all over the world hold no barriers when challenging the established. All the world gods and prophets feature, due to their importance. In the very same way that the worlds most respected and feared leaders won´t be left alone either. Even difficult issues like apartheid, holocaust and other genocides, as it is in the hands and pens of cartoonists to provoke us, make us think and respond.

Most religions are based on the very same values, in the same way most of us human beings have the same basic needs and core values in terms of food on the table, a roof over our head, and a safe life in good health, surrounded by the people we love. We are all different, but all the same.

I sincerely hope that this terrorist attack will not succeed in its mission to create more conflicts between the people of Paris and France. Fingers crossed… Let´s also hope that the attack and killings at the Charlie Hebdo office will not add even more fuel to the ongoing conflicts, and the increasing fear/hatred among French nationalist movements. I hope all will remember (and remind others) that a terrorist is a terrorist only, not a representative for a religion. Long live the freedom of speech – the freedom of press – and the freedom of religious faith.

Peace, love & respect // Birgit

"Its the ink that should flow, not the blood". (Shared via Antonia Guigova)
“Its the ink that should flow, not the blood”.
(Shared via Antonia Guigova)


No freedom without freedom of press.

From Faces of Islam: Fundamentalists of Islam support the idea that any depictions of Mohammed (also spelled Muhammad) must be forbidden, but in fact such depictions had not been prohibited until the 16th or 17th century and they are never condemned in the Koran. To help cure this taboo about the prophet of Islam, we have compiled some representations of him, ranging from historical illustrations to artistic, comic and satirical depictions. They are roughly ordered in chronological order and the text that supplements each image is not based on religious beliefs of any kind. A lot of information and images found on this page can also be found in a more complete collection called the Mohammed Image Archive maome mohammed mohammad

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