Brand New: Is culture shipping´s toughest challenge? #FuturenautInterview

Featured as the first female Futurenaut yet, I was thrilled to get the chance to talk about some of my key focus areas and passions for the newest issue of the quarterly magazine Futurenautics. This edition is called the Culture, Brand & Diversity issue. Editor Kate Adamson introduces the issue by throwing in some key concerns and strong views, which I foresee might be perceived as a provocation to some, but quite healthy for all of us working within global shippint. She points to the fact that shipping does not only need to change its´ public image, but actually improve and develop our own current business models, systems, services & products. Then she follows up with this statement;

“In the new, transparent, hyper-connecte world brand and PR is giving way to culture and purpose, and we can’t control our image any longer. The future lies in more diversity, both gender and cognitive, because we can’t solve our problems with the same thinking that created them.”

Looking outside of shipping, I strongly believe this applies for a number of industries and companies during this period huge shifts and the race towards new solutions for the future. The Director of Innovation Norway touched upon the exact same when she challenged a room full of young leaders this week at the E24 Leadership Talents Awards. In order to survive, we have to challenge ourselves and reinvent the way we produce value.

Happy reading;

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