Dark times: Our values under siege

I’m on the plane to Manila as I read the news about the Danish authorities’ decision to implement a new law enabling the police to confiscate values from refugees arriving in Denmark. Obviously, this brings the thoughts to the Nazi horrors Europe allowed Jews to endure during the WWII. So this is what we haveContinue reading “Dark times: Our values under siege”

Russian Kiss – Annie feat. Bjarne Melgaard

Protest song launched for the Russian Olympics, which will be remixed in a new version every day during the Olympic Games. The Norwegian Kiss on its way, remixed by Bård Lødemel of Sidebrok. Great initiative & statement Annie!

Congratulations Tunisia!! Aftermath of the Arab Spring

Just when you thought the Arab Spring had turned into a cold autumn… Tunisia; last week your leaders took a great step for human rights and the environment. I am definitely putting you back on my destination list for places to re-visit! Background; I was among the many who signed petitions, supported campaigns and followed the news updatesContinue reading “Congratulations Tunisia!! Aftermath of the Arab Spring”

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