100 Tools For Gender Equality: No. 4 – Visible Role Models

I’ve made a global list of more than 100 inspirational maritime women. How many inspirational women can you count within your organization? How many of these are visible internally? And how many of them are encouraged to engage and inspire outside of their own team, unit or organization? Let’s talk a bit about the importanceContinue reading “100 Tools For Gender Equality: No. 4 – Visible Role Models”

LeaderShip #WISTA2016

WISTA slightly amended the IMO slogan for 2016; Shipping {women} – indispensable to the {maritime} world. Sporting a slightly different delegate profile than your everyday maritime conference, WISTA AGM & International Conference 2016 gathered 300 female leaders from 33 countries for a 4-day conference onboard Holland America Lines’ M/V Koningdam for its’ maiden voyage inContinue reading “LeaderShip #WISTA2016”

We need to talk about female seafarers #DiversityShip

For years I’ve been utterly curious about something; why don’t we succeed in recruiting and retaining more female seafarers onboard the world’s ships?  At several seminars and conferences I’ve attended both in Europe, U.S. and Asia, I’ve listened to numerous discussions on how hard this is. And heard companies sharing their experiences and explaining howContinue reading “We need to talk about female seafarers #DiversityShip”

Seafarers brought us… our entire business!

Today we mark the day of the many hard working & skilled people that represent the most valuable and critical “asset” for the entire maritime industry. Without our colleagues at sea, and their unique competence, neither of us (nor the global trade) could utilize the most environmental friendly transportation alternatives. Twisting a well known quoteContinue reading “Seafarers brought us… our entire business!”

Press coverage from my presentation to IMO, June 2013

Quoted from the author, article published in BIMCO, Marine Insight, and Company of Master Mariners of Australia; “Inevitably the most disruptive presentation of the afternoon came from the youngest person, Birgit Liodden, founder of Norway’s YoungShip and campaigner for next generation involvement in an industry she fears is falling desperately behind in the race toContinue reading “Press coverage from my presentation to IMO, June 2013”

Challenging the establishment… My first visit to the IMO!

      After a hectic (but fun!) Nor-Shipping week in Oslo, it was time to jump on a plane to London this Monday. IMO (International Maritime Organization) is the United Nation´s specialised agency with responsibility for the safety and security of shipping, and the prevention of marine pollution by ships. In other words, IMOContinue reading “Challenging the establishment… My first visit to the IMO!”

Featured in the “IMO Women at The Helm” campaign

United Nation’s International Maritime Organization (IMO) launched their “Women At The Helm” movie in South Korea earlier today. The campaign is an initiative under the UN global 2015 goals to achieve gender equality. Check it out to see what’ stirring in the world’s most international industry!

Spennende invitasjon til IMO!

      Wow!! I dag dumpet en uventet mail inn i innboksen..! IMO (International Maritime Organisation) er FNs organisasjon for maritime områder, tilsvarende WHO/WTO. De skal arrangere et stort internasjonalt symposium for fremtidens sjøsikkerhet i London 10-11 mars. Og så kommer det utrolige – de vil ha meg til å delta som foredragsholder ogContinue reading “Spennende invitasjon til IMO!”

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