Life Inscriptions

Listening to podcasts and reading news debating wrinkles, the amount of pressure on looks, and negative influence making great girls & women insecure. I’ve had my lines for many years now. They become deeper, and more visible when I’m stressed out or tired. My boys call them ski tracks. These tracks are the marks ofContinue reading “Life Inscriptions”

Behind the scene…

This will definitely be the most surreal post I’ll ever share. Pinching my arm, I don’t think that I’ll actually realize this until I leave the stage next Wednesday, during Oslo Innovation Week and Oslo Business Forum. Exactly one year ago I was burned out flat, had social anxiety and panic attacks. I felt completelyContinue reading “Behind the scene…”

Ting man ikke må gjøre når man har hund og barn

• Sette igjen Mac’en på gulvet når du skal roe småtten som våknet hylende midt i skriving av en mail. Spesielt ikke før du har fått gått kveldstur med hunden…  #MacMedMarkering • La døren til gangen stå åpen i 2 sekunder med full vannskål (også kalt plaskebasseng) • Glemme å gjemme posen med hundemat (ogsåContinue reading “Ting man ikke må gjøre når man har hund og barn”

When the shit hits the fan…

…or a litre of coffee hits the floor, its a matter of keeping the right focus. Im this case; 1. That it didn’t soak the Mac 2. That it wasn’t that hot anymore 3. That the cow skin on the floor was already dark brown Counting down for X-mas…! 😉 #BakFasaden #AnotherBridgetJonesIncident

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