Behind the scene…

This will definitely be the most surreal post I’ll ever share. Pinching my arm, I don’t think that I’ll actually realize this until I leave the stage next Wednesday, during Oslo Innovation Week and Oslo Business Forum. Exactly one year ago I was burned out flat, had social anxiety and panic attacks. I felt completely […]

Featured in Lloyd’s List: Sustainability & Diversity

I spent an hour of the family Easter vacation amidst sunny & snowy Norwegian mountains talking to Lloyd’s List journalist Anastassios, and you can check out what we discussed here (if you have a subscription for Lloyd’s List Maritime Intelligence). So happy to see how maritime media is starting to increase the focus on diversity […]

When a personal crisis hits you – how do you handle it as a leader?

This is something I reflected a bit on earlier today, as I´ve experienced many different leaders throughout my 16 years of working in various fields and roles. The personal situation of a leader will affect the organisation and co-workers one way or the other, so what is the best approach? The traditional way, of course, is […]

Et forbilde på verdens syv hav

Originally posted on Samfunnsansvar er GoodBusiness:
Fra tid til annen møter man mennesker som i kraft av sine visjoner, engasjement og prinsipper imponerer og inspirerer. Jeg hadde et slikt møte i går. Elisabeth Grieg, styreleder av Grieg Shipping Group og tidligere president i Rederiforbundet er et slikt menneske. Vi møttes i går for en samtale…

“It always seems impossible until it is done!” A great leader has passed

  It is few people I can think of who have done a bigger impression on me than Nelson Mandela. His courage and selflessness in the face of suppression and injustice during the South African apartheid regime, is a reminder to all of us that one person can in fact alter history, and make a […]