Press coverage from my presentation to IMO, June 2013

Quoted from the author, article published in BIMCO, Marine Insight, and Company of Master Mariners of Australia; “Inevitably the most disruptive presentation of the afternoon came from the youngest person, Birgit Liodden, founder of Norway’s YoungShip and campaigner for next generation involvement in an industry she fears is falling desperately behind in the race toContinue reading “Press coverage from my presentation to IMO, June 2013”

Featured in the “IMO Women at The Helm” campaign

United Nation’s International Maritime Organization (IMO) launched their “Women At The Helm” movie in South Korea earlier today. The campaign is an initiative under the UN global 2015 goals to achieve gender equality. Check it out to see what’ stirring in the world’s most international industry!

Spennende invitasjon til IMO!

      Wow!! I dag dumpet en uventet mail inn i innboksen..! IMO (International Maritime Organisation) er FNs organisasjon for maritime områder, tilsvarende WHO/WTO. De skal arrangere et stort internasjonalt symposium for fremtidens sjøsikkerhet i London 10-11 mars. Og så kommer det utrolige – de vil ha meg til å delta som foredragsholder ogContinue reading “Spennende invitasjon til IMO!”

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