Rotterdam update; WISTA Lunch seminar at EuroPort 2013

Today I visited one of the 4 biggest maritime trade fairs in Europe, the EuroPort in Rotterdam. WISTA Netherlands organised a lunch seminar with participants from all corners of Europe, where I gave a speech covering the topics of our industry´s attractiveness ref. to young professionals, and it´s importance when working on resolving our key global challengesContinue reading “Rotterdam update; WISTA Lunch seminar at EuroPort 2013”

Leadership, empowerment & bananas

An ordinary day at home. I am hungry so I grab a banana. Baby wants the banana. From work life I learnt that empowerment is good.  Baby empowerment = hold your own food while eating. So I hand baby a piece of the banana. Baby already understand the value of sharing. Gives Bono the dogContinue reading “Leadership, empowerment & bananas”

World Maritime Day at Chalmers Technical University

  Happy World Maritime Day!! Remember to send an extra “thank you” to all the excellent & hard-working seafarers who through their daily work enables us to enjoy the benefits of global trade, shipping our iPhones/iPads, TVs, cars, make-up, furniture, food, clothes, energy, etc. across the 7 seas. What would we all do without them…??!!Continue reading “World Maritime Day at Chalmers Technical University”

Portrettintervju i Maritime Professional

Under CMA i Stamford ble jeg intervjuet om YoungShip, ambisjoner fremover og min bakgrunn og tanker rundt noen (for meg) viktige temaer. Dette kom på trykk i Q2-utgaven av magasinet, som gis ut globalt. Intervjuet finner du her, på sidene 50-52. Anbefaler også å lese intervjuet med den utrolig inspirerende vinneren av WISTA LeaderShip AwardContinue reading “Portrettintervju i Maritime Professional”

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