100 Tools for Gender Equality: No.2 – Clear KPI targets

I’m super excited to hear what kind of specific gender equality targets and KPIs your company have in place! And are they linked to your bonus schemes? We measure leaders and organizations on pretty much everything these days. We link KPIs to areas that we perceive to be critical for our financial and operational performance,Continue reading “100 Tools for Gender Equality: No.2 – Clear KPI targets”

World Maritime Day at Chalmers Technical University

  Happy World Maritime Day!! Remember to send an extra “thank you” to all the excellent & hard-working seafarers who through their daily work enables us to enjoy the benefits of global trade, shipping our iPhones/iPads, TVs, cars, make-up, furniture, food, clothes, energy, etc. across the 7 seas. What would we all do without them…??!!Continue reading “World Maritime Day at Chalmers Technical University”

Featured in the Norwegian Maritime Authorities´ magazine Navigare

Didn´t know about this until several months after the award ceremony, but how nice of the ppl behind Navigare to include a section. Recruitment & branding of our industry are key challenges to be solved by our entire maritime community moving forward 🙂

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