#TheResistance – ACT for humanity

Many of us wonder how we can contribute as individuals, to support the important work of building a resilient, safe and warm society for all. I hereby share some examples from the past year, hoping it can serve as inspiration.  Remember that even though change, instability and key societal problems may seem too big toContinue reading “#TheResistance – ACT for humanity”

Countdown: Posidonia! #MissionToSeafarers

We are counting down for plenty of good networking with great industry friends & colleagues in Greece for the Posidonia Events next week, and hope to see many of you there! There are strong contrasts when the global shipping elite meets in Greece to do business, and at the same time we’re just extremely aware ofContinue reading “Countdown: Posidonia! #MissionToSeafarers”

Dark times: Our values under siege

I’m on the plane to Manila as I read the news about the Danish authorities’ decision to implement a new law enabling the police to confiscate values from refugees arriving in Denmark. Obviously, this brings the thoughts to the Nazi horrors Europe allowed Jews to endure during the WWII. So this is what we haveContinue reading “Dark times: Our values under siege”

Hjelp Redningsselskapet å redde liv!

Sivilbefolkningen i Syria slaktes ned av russere, franskmenn, Assad og IS. Jeg blir så forbanna og trist over verdenssamfunnets svik at jeg nesten ikke kan få sagt det! Heldigvis er det mange som stiller opp for flyktningene i mellomtiden. Frem til jul samler Redningsselskapet inn penger for å redde flere liv i Middelhavet. Jeg bidrar med 1 styrehonorar ogContinue reading “Hjelp Redningsselskapet å redde liv!”

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