Low shoulders

My favourite place in the world. Simple, quiet, distant.

Packed with memories of our family. Of neverending time with my father; who I’m still half expecting to see entering the cabin with a load for the fireplace.

Where I sleep like nowhere else

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Reader´s digest for shipping nerds (and adventurous souls..)!

Just to be quite frank. I – am – a – bookworm. With a capital B. To put it this way; I´ve been to Milan, Paris, L.A., New York, London etc, bringing home new books rather than clothes. However, the combination of being mom of a 6 months old guy with the approximate energy of a Duracell rabbit, and trying to combine that with working across several continents is not optimal.. I kinda expected that development, so half a year ago I spent most of the initial labor hours reading. Great way of shifting focus from pains btw, highly recommendable  (at least for a while..) 😉

Anyways, it´s summer; which for me equals BOOKS – finally!! Time to indulge and explore new authors & stories, with nice views, such as these ones.. (Cogolin, South France)

IMG_8609   IMG_9017

So far having completed 4 books in 3 weeks (down from 10 last year), out of which 3 have a certain relation to the sea. Here they are, plus a few other favourites of mine;

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