Europeisk Miljøhovedstad 2019: Oslo rocker mangfold i år, og DU er invitert!

2019 er året hvor vi går fra prat til handling! Vi feirer Miljøhovedstadsåret og Kvinnedagen med å løfte blikket fra MeToo og over til banebrytende initiativer som vil akselerere mangfold og likestilling i Oslos næringsliv. 5. mars er det klart for State of the City 2019 i OsloRådhus , med et stjernelag av dyktige endringsagenterContinue reading “Europeisk Miljøhovedstad 2019: Oslo rocker mangfold i år, og DU er invitert!”

Featured in Lloyd’s List: Sustainability & Diversity

I spent an hour of the family Easter vacation amidst sunny & snowy Norwegian mountains talking to Lloyd’s List journalist Anastassios, and you can check out what we discussed here (if you have a subscription for Lloyd’s List Maritime Intelligence). So happy to see how maritime media is starting to increase the focus on diversityContinue reading “Featured in Lloyd’s List: Sustainability & Diversity”

An Asset More Profitable Than Oil… #TEDtalk

Before introducing a really good TEDtalk; Did you know that Norway has made billions based on women’s participation in the labor market? Without the increase in female workers, Norway’s onshore GDP would have been 3.300 BNOK lower than it is today. The average onshore GDP growth in our country has been around 2% annually, andContinue reading “An Asset More Profitable Than Oil… #TEDtalk”

In TradeWinds: Making Fair Play Pay💰

About time that the industry’s leading newspaper #TradeWinds starts looking into the gender equality issues – I hope it continues! Super happy to share my thoughts on this important topic. What they didn’t include is that I also told the journalist that a global tool for the industry to explore, track and measure segments/companies’ currentContinue reading “In TradeWinds: Making Fair Play Pay💰”

100 Tools for Gender Equality: No.1 – Mentoring

I have dedicated 2018 to promote gender equality in shipping, challenging the industry from within once again. In the coming months I have set a target for myself to find and share 100 examples/tools that any small or large company within our industry can use to join the #DiversityShip movement, and deliver on UN SustainableContinue reading “100 Tools for Gender Equality: No.1 – Mentoring”

Remix: A shout-out for Elsa boys & Superman girls!

Dear H&M and other producers of kids’ clothes & accessories, While realizing that it’s difficult for some to grasp the idea of kids growing up these days taking in a different mix of typical male/female capabilities and role patterns, and where typical role models are changing, I would encourage you to break some established truths and silos movingContinue reading “Remix: A shout-out for Elsa boys & Superman girls!”

Barbie vs. Frankenstein…

Fascinating how some bloggers actually change their bodies to clone themselves into something similar of a Barbie doll. Like a confused Frankenstein project….! Here´s the actual procedures required for Barbie transformation, examplified by the founder of Healthy is the new Skinny, Katie H. Willcox. Quite tempting I´d say… 😉 Logic behind Barbie bloggers: Why focusContinue reading “Barbie vs. Frankenstein…”

Kronikk i VG – Hvor har du vært, John? / Maritime jenter

Torsdag sist uke sendte Elisabeth Grieg inn en kronikk til VG, på vegne av flere av oss som er engasjerte jenter/damer i bransjen. Bak kronikken, som var initiert av verdens mest engasjerte Elisabeth, sto også Anne-Jorunn Møkster, Synnøve Seglem i OAS Knutsen, Kristine Klaveness, Hege Solbakken i Maritimt Forum, og så jeg da.. Denne ble trykketContinue reading “Kronikk i VG – Hvor har du vært, John? / Maritime jenter”

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