The Breathing Anchor

The most down-to-earth approach to mindfullness, and an interview worth sharing below, with Dutch-Norwegian professor of vascular surgery – Andries Kroese… Andries is one of my personal human heroes and child survivor of a WWII concentration camp in Japan. My father started meditating back in the early 90’s, and followed Andries’ practice long before mindfulnessContinue reading “The Breathing Anchor”

When the shit hits the fan…

…or a litre of coffee hits the floor, its a matter of keeping the right focus. Im this case; 1. That it didn’t soak the Mac 2. That it wasn’t that hot anymore 3. That the cow skin on the floor was already dark brown Counting down for X-mas…! 😉 #BakFasaden #AnotherBridgetJonesIncident

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