Et forbilde på verdens syv hav

Denne fortjener å deles selv om artikkelen er et par år gammel; et godt eksempel på hvordan engasjerte ledere inspirerer og baner vei på områder mange ser som utfordrende.

Nestlé – a corporation without shame…

Nestlé – a corporation without shame…   It appears that Nestlé does not understand the concept of basic human rights. Take a look at this extremely provoking video, and share it with everyone you know with the message to boycott Nestlé. No question that I will – once and for all. What´s next? That theyContinue reading “Nestlé – a corporation without shame…”

SCREW Business as Usual!

      Just have to share my speakers´ gift with you, and a couple of pictures. Seems Lena & the organisers had been inspired by one of my previous presentations when chosing gifts for their World Maritime Day speakers 😉 The Swedish WISTA Leadership Award “Kompassrosen” was also published during the conference, and withContinue reading “SCREW Business as Usual!”

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