Whenever markets are bad… #shippingreaders

…relax with “The Shipping Man” by Matthew McCleary, and remember that it could always be worse! Unless you’re a hedgefund guy who invested at the peak; but in that case, remember you should’ve read this book first 😉  And no matter how high or deep market goes – it’s no wonder that we all loveContinue reading “Whenever markets are bad… #shippingreaders”

Reader´s digest for shipping nerds (and adventurous souls..)!

Just to be quite frank. I – am – a – bookworm. With a capital B. To put it this way; I´ve been to Milan, Paris, L.A., New York, London etc, bringing home new books rather than clothes. However, the combination of being mom of a 6 months old guy with the approximate energy of aContinue reading “Reader´s digest for shipping nerds (and adventurous souls..)!”

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