Greetings from the United States of Misogyny!

Easter of 2016 I rallied outside Trump Tower in support of diversity & women. November 2016 I was in Miami for a conference gathering female maritime leaders from 40 countries, and I still remember how people were in total shock the morning after the election of Trump, the feared impact on diversity and inclusiveness.

As I was selected for the #IVLP2018 leadership program, I actually doubted to make it through backup checks, due to my extensive SoMe criticism of the current administration.

We’re here for an amazing program on entrepreneurship and innovation, taking inspiration from a range of brilliant initiatives (also relating to female founders) – at the same time there’s a bittersweet flavor to our stay. We’ve been in DC the days leading up to the final decision on Kavanaugh. We’ve seen the protests in the streets, followed the media debates. And it makes me so shocked and sick to see how a brave woman is treated in the “land of the free, home of the brave”. Especially by the country’s leader.

Lack of consciousness and diversity is seen in many aspects & ways. In our program there are mainly male speakers. Our group count 16 men & 10 women, which is kinda balanced, but a decision on 50/50 would’ve been easy. Across the delegates, we’ve exchanged how much bias and bullshit we’ve all seen & experienced in our careers, and how frustrating, rewarding & IMPORTANT the work for diversity is. When Hillary Clinton is debated w locals, I keep hearing the same arguments not on her competence but her lack of warmth and charisma.

Back to Dr.Ford’s bravery, I’m shocked by Trump, Kavanaugh and the Senate. But all of this boils down to the key issue; as long as diversity isn’t implemented in our society structures and powerhouses, we will continue to witness surreal examples of how bias cause bad decision-making.

I hope the outcome of Dr. Blakey Ford’s story won’t be silenced victims, but instead fuel the movement across borders inspiring women & men standing up, mobilizing all good forces for diversity.

#DearProfessorFord #CristineBlaseyFord #istandwithher

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