WANTED: Young Female Entrepreneurs!

Since I developed the Young Entrepreneur Award as a cooperation project between YoungShip Int & Nor-Shipping, it has struck me how few female maritime entrepreneurs we’ve seen nominated. We have searched very pro-actively over the years, but a challenge is of course that they do t have the budgets for PR & marketing – and that industry players have a tendency to nominate guys.

That really annoys me! And when something annoys me, I tend to act on it.

So I’m starting to gather a list of young female maritime & ocean entrepreneurs, and hope that you will help me to make it as complete as possible..

I hope that a good list of such amazing role models and sustainability champions will inspire many other young female to kick ass and create new solutions for an industry that still needs to be rocked quite a bit..


  • The GoodShipping Programme – Astrid Sonneweld and Isabell Welten
  • Blueye – Christine Spiten
  • FieldMade – Kristin Wille von der Lippe
  • Blue Lice – Karoline Sjødal Olsen
  • Ruden Geo Solutions – Helene Ree
  • Searious Business – Willemijn Peeters
  • Agnes Arnadottir – Brim Explorer
  • Passion For Ocean – Rebekka deLeon & Pia Ve Dahlen

So let’s get going – send me additional kick-ass entrepreneurs! If you are one of them, please contact me 🙂

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